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Teenage Boy With Problem Talking With Counselor At Home

Integrated Psychiatry

Alessi Psychiatry and Life Center provides services to children as young as 3, adolescents, adults, and the elderly. We provide treatment, case review, consultations, initial evaluations, and ongoing care services as needed. Conditions are identified, functionality is characterized. Both a treatment plan and functionality interventions are developed.

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Functional Psychiatry Services

Those with psychiatric conditions often have functional deficits. Evaluations will encompass the characterization of functional executive deficits, daily living skills deficiencies, and the assessment of functionality in work, school, interpersonal relationships, etc.

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A front view of nurse with IV drip and patient in bed in hospital room.

Psychiatry Ketamine Therapies

We regard Ketamine infusions as a significant and powerful psychopharmacological adjunct in the treatment of serious mental conditions in adults. We look forward to the opportunities to extend our knowledge and expertise to include children, adolescents, and the elderly, as well as those who are experiencing end-of-life dread.

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